"You have heard about freezing the top of a wedding cake,
The Wooden Box Ceremony
adds a new flavor to the Wedding Traditions"



Wedding Box Ceremony

Capture Your Journey from Friendship, to Love before your wedding day…

Your wedding is a celebration of the love you created over time, marking a new chapter in your lives. But this is not the beginning it is continuation of the journey you begin when you first met. The most precious gift you have is the times spent together from the day you met, through friendship that blossomed into love. Remembering the day you met, your first date, a walk in the park, your first kiss, the first time you said I Love You and those special occasions…

These are the moments that left imprints on your heart which lead you to your wedding day. And these are the moments that are so important to capture. With the frantic pace of our modern day lives, the things most important to us are so often overlooked or soon forgotten.

In order to preserve and capture this Journey we have created the Ceremony of the Wooden Box. This is not just an insert for your ceremony it is the most beautiful way to preserve these memories. By writing letters to each other you will capture your Journey to this point. After which you will seal them in individual envelopes not knowing what your significant other wrote. You will place those letters in the Ceremonial Wooden Box and then nail the box shut

Wooden Box

Why is this so important, because whether you come across a time in your marriage when struggles appear or after ten years of adding complexity to your marriage… you get to rekindle this love you created from the moment you met till the day you walked down the isle.

You have to realize your ultimate goal is ten years to unveil what you wrote to your significant other. Use the precious gift as a daily tool for those difficult times that are a part of every marriage. Before you say something you will regret to your significant other, I ask that you go over and look inside your box, think about what you wrote and then talk to your spouse and explain the issue, but you want to compromise on a solution, you don’t want to open up the box until your 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Remember it’s about Capturing Your Journey of Love, treasure it……..

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